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El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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El Paso Traffic Ticket Attorney Rudy Perez has successfully fought thousands of tickets using both factual and procedural methods and handled all types of City, County and State Traffic Tickets and Class C Misdemeanors including but not limited to Speeding, No Insurance, No Driver’s License, Stop Sign Violation, School Zone Violation, Reckless Driving, No Animal Vaccination, No Animal Registration, Taxi, Sign and Restaurant Violations, Disorderly Conduct, DUI, Public Intoxication, Curfew, and Drug Paraphernalia charges, among others. This office also assists in recalling traffic warrants no matter how old they are so that you can have the peace of mind that you will not get arrested. And once your warrants are recalled, Rudy Perez will then fight your tickets in court. You will get strong legal representation from El Paso Traffic Ticket Attorney Rudy Perez.

The goal of Rudy Perez is to get all of your tickets dismissed. Rudy Perez will personally show up for you to deal with the prosecutors and judges so that you personally will not have to show up to court. El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer and a strong legal representation.

By agreeing to have Rudy Perez represent you in court, you will free up hours of your time by not needing to battle traffic and parking and by not having to wait in line at the courthouse, and you will have an attorney representing you who has years of experiencing in dealing with Prosecutors for a very reasonable price. Please call for a Quick Quote.

He assists drivers with all types of driver’s licenses including those with commercial driver’s licenses. So don’t pay that traffic citation without first consulting his office. There are many hidden penalties in addition to paying a fine and your license may be suspended as a result.

Instead, call this office to fight for you so that Rudy Perez can obtain for you the most favorable outcome to save you from the consequences of paying that ticket and having a conviction on your record which may result in points being assessed against your driving record. This could then could result in a license suspension, state surcharges and increased insurance rates, just to name a few. El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer you can count on, Rudy Perez.

Also if you fight your ticket yourself and if you’re found guilty of a traffic violation, it can affect your driving privileges and insurance rates. That’s why its more important than ever to ask Rudy Perez to help you fight your traffic ticket. His experience as a former district attorney means he knows both the factual and the procedural methods to use to combat the alleged violation or offense.

Mr. Perez has more than 30 years of legal experience including 4 years as a former state prosecutor; he is experienced in all aspects of applicable law as well as court procedures. When you call Rudy Perez, his office will take the time to listen and understand your legal and personal issues so that you know they will be handled in an experienced and responsive manner.

Bring your traffic ticket to his office any weekday, at either location, between 8:30AM and 5:00PM or on Saturday, by appointment, at my Trawood location from 9:00AM to 12:00PM so he can assess your situation. Walk-in clients are gladly accepted and flexible payment plans are available for most violations and you may pay by check, cash, credit card or debit card.

El Paso Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Rudy Perez uses every procedural and factual method available to fight to get your ticket dismissed or warrant removed. If there is a warrant on your ticket, the proper paperwork will immediately be filed to get the warrant removed so you can drive comfortably. After the warrant is removed, Attorney Rudy Perez will exhaust all options available under the law with the goal of obtaining a dismissal of your violation. He will represent you in court so you don’t take time off from work or school to attend court hearings.

2 locations to assist you:

Call 915-532-9176 or 915-626-7147 to receive assistance needed any way possible or just walk in and you will be taken care of.

Infracciones y Ordenes De Arresto

El abogado Rudy Perez se encarga de retirar sus órdenes de arresto y pelear sus multas para evitar que le suspendan la licencia, y pague más dinero a la ciudad y al estado. Ocupe a el abogado Rudy Perez, que tiene bastante experiencia en retirar sus multas.

La oficina de Rudy Perez esta ubicada en un lugar muy conveniente, en 2025 Montana, a dos cuadras al este de la calle Cotton a la esquina de Montana y Willow. La oficina se encuentra abierta de las 8:30AM a las 5:00PM , y no cerramos para la hora de comida y también tenemos la otra oficina en el este del Paso, 3100 Trawood. Las horas de oficina son de lunes a viernes de las 8:30AM at 5:00PM y los sábados de las 9:00 at las 12:00. Para las personas que desean traer sus multas u órdenes de arresto no es necesario hacer cita. Puede venir cuando sea conveniente durante las horas de oficina, o hablar a la officina y occupara Rudy Perez por telefono o email.

Si usted tiene una infracción que se ha convertido en orden de arresto, Rudy Perez le puede ayudar en dos pasos ràpidos. Primero, llevaríamos los papeles necesarios para que retiren la orden de arresto. Segundo, la corte va a mandar una fecha de corte para que el abogado pelea sus multas. Usted no se tiene que presentar, el abogado va a corte. Esto le evitara que pierda un día de trabajo o deje de hacer otras obligaciones solo para ir a corte.