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Family Law Attorney El Paso. Family Law issues can be very painful. That’s why consulting an attorney like Rudy Perez who is experienced and knowledgable in family law can help ease the stress. He will listen to your needs and help you understand the law as it applies to your particular situation.

Divorce is a topic no family wants to discuss. However, at The Law Office of Rudy Perez during your FREE consultation not only does Rudy Perez advise but also lends an ear to listen. As part of the divorce process, he will assist you with child support issues, visitation, as well as division of property and marital debt and change of name. After the state law minimum of 60 days, you can assure your divorce will be heard by the El Paso Family Court. Family Law Attorney In El Paso.

Understanding Divorce in Texas


Most marriages don’t fall apart overnight, and you don’t have to file for a divorce as soon as you decide to separate. Actually, it is best to consider getting some form of counseling or intervention from friends and family before considering divorce.  Having had experience in the El Paso Court system, Rudy Perez will help you explore your options through divorce planning, and help you take steps to protect yourself before filing any paperwork. 


What do you hope to achieve through the divorce process? What are the results you’re looking for? The Rudy Perez Law Firm begins your divorce planning by clarifying your needs and your goals, and then building a strategy around your priorities. He will make sure to explain every step of the process to you, and you will be included in all decisions to ensure that he pursues the best possible divorce options for you. Divorce planning is your opportunity to take control of a stressful situation and plan ahead for peace of mind.

If you’ve already taken an important step in informing yourself of your options and seeking resources to learn more about the divorce process, you’ve come to the right place!

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